Friday, July 4, 2014

Facebook Chat Secret Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the best social networking site to stay in touch with your closed ones, family, friends, and even your loved ones! Isn’t it? Of course, no one would deny on that. So let’s get an overlook on some better Facebook chatting tips to make your virtual world more better! Here are some important Facebook chat tips, which would help you to do the chat with your friends and closed ones more efficiently, more interestingly.

1) Check who is online being offline in FB Chat:
By default Facebook does not allow this facility, but here is some good news for you…! You can find that out by using a simple application. Onlinenow is such an application, by which you can secretly find out to, who is online now, even being offline! Isn’t that interesting!

2) Get Facebook chat box on desktop :

By using any of the following apps, you can now get facebook chat list on your desktop without going to facebook : Gabtastik, Adium, chitchat, Meebo.
Always remember to remove any unused Facebook application, which either you are not using anymore or which you installed but didn’t like.

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